Building from Source

Install Rust

Install the latest version of Rust.

curl -sSf | sh -s -- -y

If Rust is already installed, make sure to add the nightly version and the WebAssembly target:

# Ensure the current shell has cargo
source ~/.cargo/env

# Update the Rust toolchain
rustup default stable
rustup update

# Add the nightly and WebAssembly targets:
rustup update nightly-2023-04-16
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown --toolchain nightly-2023-04-16

Verify your installation.

rustup show

Install dependencies

Make sure you have all the necessary dependencies for compiling and running the Creditcoin node software.

sudo apt install make clang pkg-config libssl-dev build-essential protobuf-compiler

You may need to install & configure Network Time Protocol (NTP) Client.

Building & Installing the Creditcoin binary

You will be building the latest creditcoin binary from gluwa/creditcoin repository on Github using the source code in the main branch.

Download the repository by cloning it.

git clone

Move into the creditcoin folder and checkout to the main branch by running the following command.

cd creditcoin git checkout main

Build the binary with cargo.

cargo build -r

This step might take 10 - 40 minutes to finish.

Sync Chain Data

Synchronize your node by running the binary inside the target/release folder.

./target/release/creditcoin-node \
  --prometheus-external \
# (optional) opt in to telemetry
  --telemetry-url "wss:// 0" \
# node to connect to on boot, in order to join the network
  --bootnodes "/dns4/" "/dns4/" "/dns4/" \
# REPLACE <yourhostname or ip> with the public IP address or host name that your node can be reached at
  --public-addr "/dns4/<yourhostname or ip>/tcp/30333" \
# we want to connect to the mainnet
  --chain mainnet \
# the base path to store the node's data
  --base-path /data \
# the port to use for node-to-node communication
  --port 30333

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