Creditcoin 2.0 Mining Setup
This page provides detail for what is required to setup a mining node on the Creditcoin network.
This page provides detail for what is required to setup a mining node on the Creditcoin network.
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Creditcoin Mining Node Setup


Setup Steps

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    In order to receive mining rewards you will need an account on the Creditcoin network. Each account has an address and a balance associated with it. The account is backed by a keypair. You can use an existing ECDSA keypair (e.g. from pre-Creditcoin 2.0) or you can generate a new keypair. You can use subkey to retrieve the account address from an existing private key (e.g. from pre-Creditcoin 2.0) or to generate a new keypair.
    • Using an existing ECDSA keypair:
      • Your private key should be formatted as hex and start with 0x, for example 0x3351b11eca7b5c78c0f55c681d9a2e8a0630bcc7a95a35a4a87615c916771774
        • Note: if your existing private key starts with 00, remove the leading 00 first.
      • Run docker run -it inspect --scheme Ecdsa <private key> which will display the account information fot the keypair. For example:
        Secret Key URI `0x3351b11eca7b5c78c0f55c681d9a2e8a0630bcc7a95a35a4a87615c916771774` is account:
        Secret seed: 0x3351b11eca7b5c78c0f55c681d9a2e8a0630bcc7a95a35a4a87615c916771774
        Public key (hex): 0x02abf7befd96f80ce3a27772e7903f45a930c54ede2f0b9e052bfb21e90e0a4b40
        Account ID: 0xe37a568057962e95990cbba46c68f8d5b0d0d614abc8bc9f4e46af3e7aa8880c
        Public key (SS58): KW6p8XTkd6pLhTnwfSfr3hUcVSKTQhJHZxTVD8RrpfUhUTrvn
        SS58 Address: 5HCy4x9b5mW28EYheGn14bWidQkhab5VMiNakia7i4VfxTKs
      • Copy the SS58 Address for later use
    • Generate a new keypair
      • Run docker run -it generate. This will generate a new keypair and print the account information, for example:
        Secret phrase: toss frown run relief book lift aunt guard reduce shell genuine alarm
        Network ID: substrate
        Secret seed: 0x5ad92bddf82eae47f5c9cc77a749fd175d9d80aadeab6555e3126a087f5eb5f1
        Public key (hex): 0x03084078b5d3633f53ceb103199332aaf86e7ebc1b2975e697dd5dc8653692b7b9
        Account ID: 0x7bbf1daa8ccb9aedccade233879f299a5485fbd0922d9458b19a5dbfde71da3c
        Public key (SS58): KW8u8Y1GgAGWtTfU5o92imPsYVkowfbsKE7hosQHwJ2E7gF9h
        SS58 Address: 5ErxX8PgVYVE3WbCkSs9mvioFHVrsc4uXFwkF3G9Pyv4FC2w
      • Store your secret phrase (a 12-word mnemonic) in a secure location. We won’t use this phrase directly, but you’ll need it to access the account or recover your private key.
      • Copy the SS58 Address for later use
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    Start mining node
    • Make make sure that your port 30333 is accessible by external connections
    • Obtain your public IP address
    • Run (remove comment lines first)
      docker run -p 30333:30333 -v <your local data path>:/data gluwa/creditcoin:2.0.0-beta-5 \
      # running a mining node
      --validator \
      # (optional) REPLACE <nodename> with a name for your node, to make it easier to identify
      --name <nodename> \
      # allow prometheus metrics to be scraped
      --prometheus-external \
      # (optional) opt in to telemetry
      --telemetry-url "wss:// 0" \
      # node to connect to on boot, in order to join the network
      --bootnodes "/dns4/" "/dns4/" "/dns4/" \
      # REPLACE <yourhostname or ip> with the public IP address or host name that your node can be reached at
      --public-addr "/dns4/<yourhostname or ip>/tcp/30333" \
      # we want to connect to the mainnet
      --chain mainnet \
      # REPLACE <SS58Address> with your mining public key/address to receive rewards at
      --mining-key <SS58Address> \
      # the base path to store the node's data
      --base-path /data \
      # the port to use for node-to-node communication
      --port 30333
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Creditcoin Mining Node Setup
Setup Steps