Nominate using the Staking Dashboard

Before continuing, please make sure you have set up a Stash account and Controller account, as mentioned in the Account Setup section.

First, connect your wallet to the Creditcoin Staking Dashboard by clicking the "Connect" button in the top-right corner. Select your Stash account.

To start nominating, navigate to the Nominate section and click on "Start Nominating". This will open a menu where you can select a Controller account, your reward destination address, the validators you wish to back, and the amount you wish to bond.

Nominating on Creditcoin is an active role. If some of your elected validators misbehaves, you may lose their funds due to slashing. For more information about how to select good validator refer to the Selecting Validators section.

After clicking on "Continue", the dashboard will show a summary of our staking preferences. Make sure everything is set up as intended and continue.

Your browser wallet should prompt you to sign the transaction. You'll get notified of your transaction status by an alert in the bottom-left corner.

Once your transaction has been confirmed and the next era begins, you’ll officially be participating as an active nominator on the Creditcoin Network. Once your chosen validators are elected, you’ll start earning CTC rewards too!

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