Version 2.0 - 2022-03-23

Launched beta version of Creditcoin 2.0 on the Substrate framework

  • Launched the beta version of Creditcoin 2.0 network using the Substrate framework.

  • Enabled "Register Deal Order" command which essentially allows preliminary recording of a loan - encapsulating the Creditcoin commands Add Ask Order, Add Bid Order, Add Offer and Add Deal Order.

  • Creditcoin command Complete Deal Order is now renamed Fund Deal Order.

  • Updated all Creditcoin repositories on Github to reflect the change as 'official'; re-labeled older Sawtooth repositories as 'legacy'.

  • Improved mining setup making it significantly easier and quicker to set up a mining node; updated mining documentation in this document.

  • Improved block time stability; dramatically increased peering reliability reducing the number of forks within the network.

  • Exposed new network telemetry:

A temporary block explorer exists at:

For more information about this transition to Substrate, please see our Medium Post "Creditcoin 2.0".

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